Network UPS Management
JSTPS SNMP solution (NET036) is the key to complete UPS management, across multiple server platforms and different networks, the lifeline to any remote unmanned network, and the mains availability, against any power irregularities and UPS conditions. After all, this is what 'lights-out' proactive management is all about! 

NET036 is designed to give piece of mind by monitoring the UPS on-line and providing real time UPS statistics through common web browsers. While retaining this ease-of-accessibility, NET036 is secured over the network channel. Any remote configuration of the device via TELNET is possible, only if the password is known. 

This eliminates any mishandling and tampering of the device that could lead to business disasters.
Powerful, high-performance 32-bit
RISC processor
Can support unlimited number of RCCMD clients
Quick integration into IP networks via DHCP technique
Front-end GUI is possible via UPSMON, JAVAMON, Web
browser, and major Network Management Software (NMS)
10 / 100 Base-T Ethernet compatible
Supports SNMP, HTTP, and TELNET connectivity
Compatible with PowerSoft Suite software modules (UPSMAN / UPSMON / RCCMD)
Quick integration into IP networks via DHCP technique
Serial Port Multiplexer
An InteliPort allows multiple computer systems to monitor and manage a single UPS. Each attached system can be running a different operating system and its own copy of power management software. 

The InteliPort provides an important network element for monitoring while providing data protection and shutdown for each system attached to InteliPort. 

InteliPort plays a vital role in protecting data by providing monitoring capabilities and notifying network users when unfavourable power conditions have occurred and that the UPS is supplying backup regulated power. The most important role of an InteliPort is to provide a graceful shutdown of each computer system attached to the UPS when there is no one there to manually shut down each attached system.
Simultaneous shutdown of
multiple servers
Independent of Operating Systems (OS)
Scalable up to four units within one UPS configuration
Can work with REPO
Low power device with 12Vdc supply
Compact and easy to handle
Intelligent Remote Power Off and Alarms Sensor

Remote Emergency Power Off (REPO) allows users to switch off PK UPS System remotely in critical times. This ensures an immediate and complete termination of UPS output AC supply when a complete UPS shutdown is required. 

As UPS system form an integral part of an organisation's online operation, they are more than often being located in an isolated, secured area to prevent unauthorised access. During emergency period, it is very critical for users to have immediate 
access to the UPS system and to shut it down if necessary. Therefore, REPO can do just that! 

Apart from this, users can also interface REPO to external alarm devices such as sirens, lights and buzzers easily and readily to provide the following UPS fault(s) status:

a) Battery backup mode 
b) Battery low condition 
c) Overload mode 
d) Bypass 
e) General Faults

UPS emergency switch-off interface
Six volt-free relay contacts for external alarms
RS232 serial port ready for software communication
Integrate with InteliPort, IP01 (Windows) and IP03 (Unix)
for multiple servers' shutdown
Option Low power device with 12Vdc supply
Low-powered device with 12Vdc supply