Online Sinewave UPS - US8000TR Series
The US8000TR Series is a flexible UPS solution that can be used as a tower UPS* or rackmount UPS to suit industrial standard 19" server rack. It provides perfect protection specifically for enterprise server, internet hubs, telecommunication and networking systems, surveillance & security systems, medical equipment and other mission critical applications.
Emergency Backup Battery
Automatic Voltage Regulation
Lightning or Power Surge Protection
Electric Noise Filter
Capacity 1kVA/2kVA/3kVA/6kVA/10kVA
LED/LCD Monitor
Pure Sinewave Output
Extended Backup Time Models Available*
Space Saving Slim Design To Fit Into Industrial Standard 19" Server Rack
Hot Swappable Battery Packs
Wide Input Range Tolerance To Cater For Environments With Irregular Mains Supply And Frequent Abnormalities
Multiple And Dedicated Outlets For Safe And Secure Power Distribution
Software Providing Safe And Graceful Shutdown Of Data Sensitive Servers
Automatic Self-Performed Test For Proactive Management Of Faults
Dual Serial Ports And USB Connectivity
Emergency Power Off (EPO) Port

(* For 1, 2 and 3kVA Only)